Homage to the Milangueros
by Marisa Galindo

On the dance floor, the masters are the milongueros :

- They are the ones who know how to follow the line of dance.
- They are the ones who have an amazing musical ear.
- They are the ones who know each orchestra, the singers........ and sometimes they sing to you in a very low voice in your ear.
- They are the ones who, with only a little choreographic material, produce a strong exchange of emotions and pleasure, which sometimes becomes ecstasy, and which allows a woman to close her eyes and surrender totally.
- They lead very gently and precisely, using the whole body.
- They dance in a self-centered way, dedicated to the woman and themselves, not to the public.
- They protect the woman from possible accidents.
- They exhibit respect for the group, avoiding dangerous figures such as ganchos, boleos, etc.
- Within their musical sense, variations of rhythm and pauses are synchronized with the music, the woman and the other dancers.

July, 2000, B.A. Tango, Aņo VI, Nro. 113

Note: Marisa Galindo, dancer, teacher and choreographer, wrote this for B.A. Tango Magazine. The little article had a strong impact among the milongueros and milongueras of Buenos Aires and Marisa Galindo was publicly thanked for her words.