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We have started collecting comments from sources around the world, which reflect the views of the editors of this site.

Here is a letter from Cacho Dante (he appeared in the movie 'The Tango Lesson'), a milonguero from Buenos Aires, where he teaches in the Club Juvenil.

This is an article from B.A. Tango Magazine (a magazine published in Buenos Aries, which focuses on tango events). In this short article Marisa Galindo (a dancer, teacher and choreographer, living in Buenos Aires) writes about the emotions and feelings that sensitive women experience when dancing with true milongueros.

And here is an an article written by Linda Valentino, a tango enthusiast from Los Angeles. Even though the article talks about her home town, it is very relevant to all cities in North America where tango is danced.

If you have any interesting articles that you would like to share, please send us an e-mail.